The End of Pole Dancing Pog

Pole dancing is not for me. I am not the delicate, light-as-a-feather, bendy sort of person that you need to be.  I am more of a heffalump in shorts.  This makes it very hard to pop myself upside down on the pole and let go with everything except a left little toe.  It is a good giggle, but mostly for the rest of the class.  And while I like making people smile, I don’t particularly like paying £40 a month for the privilege (although to be fair I have acquired a huge range of bruises and cuts as well for that money).

So instead of dancing of the pole tomorrow night I will be aerobicing of the water (or doing aqua aerobics if you want the more widely recognised term).  I am hoping that I will incur fewer injuries by being surrounded by water and that by doing a few lengths before hand it will help in the progress of the un-fatness plan more than standing next to a pole saying ‘well I can’t do that’.

I do have a concern though.  I tried this aqua aerobic thingy once before, years ago.  Woggles were handed out to lie back and balance on while legs were waved around (a woggle being similar to a 4 foot long foam pipe cleaner).  The woggles ran out when they got to me so I was handed armbands to go around my wrists.  While the rest of the class laid back on their woggles in a relatively relaxed manner, I lay back and everything sunk apart from my hands which were disproportionately buoyant… 

On the upside, on the basis that I’ve had my aqua aerobics disaster, I am sure that tomorrow will be a huge success.  Won’t it….?


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2 Responses to The End of Pole Dancing Pog

  1. Lauren says:

    Nooooooooooooo !! It won’t be the same without you!!! Xxx

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