Tubby Toes and Naughty Noodles

My judgement has been appalling today.  When I discovered at 4.30am that I had no hot water I should have gone back to bed rather than having an ice cold shower that I squeaked all the way though.

When the train in front of mine broke down I should have turned round and gone home rather than doing what ended up being a 2 hour 45 minute commute. 

What made me listen to myself when I suggested a bit of a swim before aqua aerobics I don’t know.  Well, I do actually.  It’s because the fatness has reached my toes.  They have been exploding from my socks.  Look:

Escaping tubby toes!

So, after 60 lengths I started the aqua aerobics class.  And within 10 minutes was wondering if I could escape without anyone noticing…it’s blimin’ hard work!  But then the woggles came out (called noodles these days).  And I got one!  And I got a ‘floatation belt’.  And a pair of foam dumbbells.  It turns out that a girl can have too much buoyancy.  My noodle in particular refused to behave and I felt more like I was wrestling a family of crocodiles than doing an exercise class. 

Anyway, it turns out that my inability to complete an exercise class without having a giggling fit might be less of a pole issue and more of a Pog issue.  I enjoyed it though.  And I am not cut or bruised.  And I am already aching so it must have worked my muscles.  I just hope that includes my tubby toes…:o)

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