Introducing…Finger Pog!

I got bored today.

I apologise.

Actually, I don’t :o)

Finger Pog models this seasons hat...


Finger Pog visits the O2


Finger Pog meets Norman while wearing a toupee

Devil Finger Pog

Angelic Finger Pog

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8 Responses to Introducing…Finger Pog!

  1. Jeanne says:

    omg, hilarious!

  2. Martin says:

    I don’t think those people know how lucky they are to work in such a wonderful environment. Keep the dream alive! But stop using poor finger pog to type on your keyboard, it is giving him/her a very bad headache.

    Is finger pog a boy or girl? I was confused by the gender possibilities of modelling hats, wearing a toupee, being a devil and an angelic finger pog and the big eyebrows! I wouldn’t want to upset them by assuming.

  3. Ems says:

    you are crazy!
    I might try it myself though!

  4. Wonderful! Does away with finger puppets – what next? Toes wearing very small socks with a smile on their nails?

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