A Cookie Fairy Secret. Shhhhhh…

I’m going to tell you a secret.  Don’t tell anyone though.

The cookie fairy has been doing overtime.  Over the last 4 weeks she has baked something in the region of 1000 cookies…

And what was the reason for this?  Well, in addition to the usual cookie visitations, I decided it would be nice to find some new people to deliver to.  And where better to start than on my own front door step?  Only I didn’t know quite where to stop… In the early hours of Sunday mornings over the last few weeks I have delivered cookies to the closest 90 or so houses to Pog Towers.

I realise most were probably thrown away, but I hope it got people talking and hopefully smiling. And if that happened, then it was worth it.

Now the cookie fairy is going to take a little holiday as she is exhaustipated.  She has found another guise though, so keep an eye open to see what she’s up to next…:o)

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