Big packing for a little move

My (now old) view...

I moved offices today.  I’m swapping my amazing view for a view of a brick wall.    Exchanging my relaxed, friendly sort of an office for a rather uptight-and-full-of-big-wigs one (and anyone who knows me knows that is really not the ideal environment for a Pog). Replacing my drive>train>tube>bus commute with a drive>train>tube>walk commute…

I’m not sure of the protocol in other companies when moving, but we are provided with a crate to fill which is then carted to the new residence and, a bit like your luggage when you go on holiday, you may or may not see it again in this lifetime.

So I had to pack.  9 years worth of stuff.  It turns out that you can accumulate a lot of crap in a small space in that time.  I found cereal bars older than most of my friends children.  I found photos of a jolly business trip to Singapore which included colleagues lying in their trunks by a pool (which I think I hid in the depths of my drawer to avoid any further trauma).  I found cards and post it notes from some of the loveliest colleagues I have known.  I also found 9 ear plugs with varying personalities, but probably the less said about them the better…

They say a change is as good as a rest.  So I have high hopes that my new second home will be a bit like a holiday on a Greek island.  Ok, that might be a bit optimistic, but I can hope…can’t I?


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3 Responses to Big packing for a little move

  1. Martin says:

    What will I do with my army of foam earplugs now!! I hope someone recognises that the one on the left is Angus Young, it was lost on you.

    ooo, maybe I can make ABBA ones.

  2. Ems says:

    that last photos looks like you cut all your fingertips off!
    Hope the move wasn’t too traumatic and you are OK in your new office x

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