A labrador, a magpie and a bit of imagination

It seems that Norman has taken on board the vets conviction that he is actually a labrador and has started to model himself on the Andrex puppy.  I was doing some sewing the other night and he captured a cotton reel.  The next time I looked up he’d unravelled it and wound the vast majority around the table and chair legs. 

The labrador and the magpie

Charlie, not to be outdone had decided to impersonate a magpie.  He’d climbed inside my sewing bag and started extracting the buttons from the button bag (and there are hundreds).

Once I’d tidied up and sat the furballs down to explain that they are in fact cats and should therefore curl up and purr a lot to fit in with the usual feline characteristics, I got on with the latest project:

Sock Animals.  Or Sockimals.  Or (as christened by my family), Pogimals! :o)

From this...

...to this. Please note Two Socks' pants and tummy button... :o)

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2 Responses to A labrador, a magpie and a bit of imagination

  1. Ems says:

    I think this could be a new business for you, or at least birthday pressies. My bday is soon – maybe I will get a pogimal!

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