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A different sort of sock mystery

We all have those sock mysteries: the ones where you put complete pairs in the washing machine, but by the time you fold them up to go back in your drawer, there are odd ones.  usually at least two (and … Continue reading

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The weirdness of feet

Feet.  They are bleugh.  But they are worth a blog on two counts. The first:  Based on my feet, my family has decided that I may be radioactive.  This is theory has come about via the not very scientific fact … Continue reading

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huge, Huge, HUGE excitement! The Pogimals have a website.  Fittingly it is http://www.pogimals.com :o) So, if you want a very unique creature, especially hand made from socks (and frankly, who doesn’t?) take a look.  Not only will you spread the … Continue reading

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A labrador, a magpie and a bit of imagination

It seems that Norman has taken on board the vets conviction that he is actually a labrador and has started to model himself on the Andrex puppy.  I was doing some sewing the other night and he captured a cotton … Continue reading

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