huge, Huge, HUGE excitement!

The Pogimals have a website.  Fittingly it is www.pogimals.com :o)

So, if you want a very unique creature, especially hand made from socks (and frankly, who doesn’t?) take a look.  Not only will you spread the smiles, but you will also be helping out one of the charities I’m supporting.

Should you not have a requirement for one of these smiles in a sock, maybe you could pass the link on to others who might?  

Enormous thank yous to my amazing Geeky Friend who built the site, initially for relaxation.  I imagine that after all my pedantic demands for changes, it ended up being anything but…  You are great!


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  1. Martin says:

    :D Thanks Pog, you are too kind, I’m not amazing and am only slightly geeky. It was relaxing, I got to learn something new and still learning more so am having lots of fun. More importantly, I got to give you a smile, thanks for all the cookies, my pogimals and all the smiles and laughs I get from you. :o) x

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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