Is that Shrew?

This is for all of you out there who have a little person who wakes you up at night.  Or those of you coupled up who are woken by your partners snoring.  Anyone who may occasionally envy the sleeping arrangements of a singleton like myself in fact, whose biggest worry is being eaten by the cats should I die in my sleep.  (Actually, my biggest worry is that Norman wont bother waiting till I pop my clogs and may just snack on me one night when he feels a bit nibbley…)

when they were younger a tube was all they needed for entertainment...

Anyway, this is for you.  Because last night you weren’t the only one with broken sleep.  Last night I was woken up by screaming.  It was very loud.  And it seemed to be coming from the bathroom where Charlie and Norman were doing a lot of bouncing.  The night before I’d rather carelessly dropped my shirt on the bathroom floor rather than putting it in the wash basket (sorry mum).  And that’s what was screaming.  And what the boys were bouncing on.  Then something small and furry ran out of it.  A shrew I think.  So, at 2.45am I was trying to get Mr Shrew back in my shirt before the boys got him in their claws.  At 2.55am I was on the front doorstep shaking my shirt like a mad woman trying to encourage Mr Shrew back out of the shirt…

or a laptop if more intellectual stimulation was rerquired...

I really hope none of the neighbours were awake and at their windows.  And here’s hoping that the little people, the snorers, cats and screaming shrews all let us have a decent nights sleep tonight… :o)

By the way…did I mention?  I’ve got a Pogimal website!  Have a look here:

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