Lessons of the Week

When going on a bike ride a check list is good.  Otherwise you can end up standing outside a locked front door in lycra, helmet and sunglasses and realise that you forgot….the bike.

When the neighbours dog barks solidly for two hours for a second night, taking your radio round to go in their porch and then sitting in the porch yourself to talk to the dog and shut it up is a total waste of time (it does the opposite).

‘Straightening the edges’ of a circular pavlova doesn’t work too well…unless the intention was to eat 90% of it.  And to feel very, very sick as a result.

When engrossed in hatching a new batch of Chickimals, do not forget about sun cream for places other than your face (no, I know, it’s not big, it’s not clever, but it certainly wasn’t intentional…).

And finally…check the bloody freezer door is shut!  :o)

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1 Response to Lessons of the Week

  1. Reg Oakley says:

    re locked front door,
    been there done that. Now have keysafe.
    Last week has been brilliant for cycling.


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