Cat arse-imal of the Week

There is an early contender for Cat arse-imal of the week. Mainly because I refuse to allow anything to go as wrong as last night…

It had been a pretty pants day at work.  Nothing horrendous, just no time to breathe and nothing going particularly right.  The sort of day that causes a Pog great stress (end of the world nigh? – no problem – I’m your woman to sort things.  Add something to a tricky website in the next five minutes? – I’m pretty much guaranteed to end up a quivering wreck under my desk.)

Anyway, I digress.  After my day of pants topped off nicely with the weekly Tesco trip I got home to find that I’d left the freezer door ajar the night before and in its attempt to stay cold it had iced up so much I couldn’t shut it.  Or get the drawers out.  The drawers that were full.  So I started the defrosting. Then I had the grand plan of stuffing my frozen food in the ice box in my fridge.  Which wouldn’t open.  So I pulled a lot and…it came off in my hand.  Fantastic.

I left the freezer to defrost and sat down to attempt relaxation. And realised the dog next door was barking.  And barking.  And barking.  So I ran out the front door and screamed at it (the neighbours were out) which worked a treat.  For about 10 seconds.

The next two hours alternated between mopping up the water on the kitchen floor, attempting work and rushing outside to shout at the dog.

Then I realised I couldn’t fix the freezer box drawer without defrosting that too, so I turned the fridge off and waited.  Not a lot happened so I got out the hair dryer and vegetable knife and heated and chiselled.  At the point when I slipped and almost impaled my head on the corner of the work top, I decided to give up before I electrocuted myself.  So, to bed.  At which point a recovery vehicle pulled up just outside the front door and started to drill out the wheels on the A-team style van the neighbours own.  Argh.

Anyway, I went to bed.  And woke up to discover that there had actually been sufficient ice in the ice box to sink the Titanic (which is fitting as the captain was a distant relation.  No comments please).  Melted, it turned the kitchen into a lake. About knee deep.  Which was nice first thing.

Anyway, it’s the weekend now.  And at least I have a terribly tidy freezer (it’s empty as I lost all the food).  And the kitchen floor hasn’t been that clean in ages.  Other than that it was all just a bit of a Cat arse-imal :o)

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