The weirdness of feet

Feet.  They are bleugh.  But they are worth a blog on two counts.

The first:  Based on my feet, my family has decided that I may be radioactive.  This is theory has come about via the not very scientific fact that on holiday my toe nail varnish melted (not chipped….melted) so often that Sister 1 had to repaint my toes FOUR times (It wasn’t me being lazy….she is a beautician and I am cack handed).  It melted onto the insides of shoes, my bed sheets and…just into thin air.  It is all rather odd.  Especially as most of the time my feet are freezing.

So it would seem I am a radioactive toad with no thermostat.

And the second.  TTB pointed out to me that I seem to have a foot obsession as a lot of photos here are of feet.  I protested that was purely as I don’t want to put faces on my blog for a whole number of reasons.  But then I checked my recent photos.  In the last month I have this slightly odd selsection:

Well, frankly any more of me would have spoiled this one:

And this one:

And I had to get a shot of dad in trainer socks…wearing them in the way that only he can….with the heel hanging over his shoe…

And I find TTBs inability to wear a matching pair of socks at the weekend, well, weird.

But maybe things are changing….it seems I’ve moved onto knees (Sister 2 on the left, mum on the right…so cute!) 

So watch this space… :o)

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