Happy Holidays

Hello – I’m back from my little spot of paradise!  I’ve been to Ithaca (teeny Greek island) on a real family holiday with Mum, Dad, Sisters 1 & 2 and Sister 2’s other half.  I thought I’d summarise a few of the holiday highlights for you (as other than ‘rain’ there is not much else I can write about at the moment).  So here goes:

  • Weirdest words uttered (with no emotion and completely accurate):  Sister 1: ‘There appears to be a goat standing in the hallway’

    I have a suspicion that goat was going to attempt to snaffle a bike after his eviction…

  • ‘Ahhh’ moment:  When Hercules (the very sick cat I took to looking after) trusted me enough to not only climb on my lap but sleep there.  For three hours (apparently I wasn’t a great dinner attendee as I spent more time on the beach with the cats than at the table)

    Hy lovely cuddly hercules

  • Slightly embarrassing moment:  When all 12 of the local cats learned the call for Hercules and rushed to my side each time I called him, and loudly requested dinner.

    you called?

  • Happy wee moment (Sister 2, not me!): When we went out on a moped, attempted a steep hill and (due to my immense weight, I assume) we couldn’t make it round any of the corners so I had to not only get off, but then push the bike.  Humph.

    My view from the moped (when I wasn’t pushing it around corners)

  • Stupid moment: Cycling a 15 mile round trip in silly temperatures when at least 7.5 miles was uphill (coming back was GREAT though!)
  • Wow moment:  When Dad’s electronic thermometer thing measured 57 degrees in direct sunlight…then collapsed.
  • Surreal moment:  When I woke up to find Sister 1 climbing through my bedroom window (no, I’m still not sure why either)
  • Hooray moment: Actually getting a photo of the tartan fish I have seen the last two years and everyone thought I’d imagined.

    tartan fish DO exist!

  • Weirdest food combination (discovered by Sister 2’s other half): Cheese and ham toastie dipped in…yoghurt and honey.
  • Amazing moment:  Spotting dolphins over our balcony while having an early morning cuppa (although Dad was pretty sure that they were sharks…)

    ‘our’ beach

  • Weirdest discovery:  That there is a dance troupe based in Ithaca that where hobnailed boots while doing river dance.  They are rats and their studio was based above my bedroom ceiling…

There was a lot more, many, many giggles and nobody killed anyone else (which I was quite surprised about).  Thank you to Mum, Dad, my fantastic Sisters, and Sister 2’s very patient other half.  It was definitely a holiday we’ll always remember :o)x

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