The intrepid travelling Finger Pog

It seems that Finger Pog is a bit of a traveller.  He’s been spotted in a few places since last week…

We have Finger Pog in France:

Finger Pog in the big snow in the US (apparently he is a little blurry due to excessive shivering):

With friends trying out the latest winter fashions:

And then having a much deserved warm up:

Back in the UK, perhaps nervous of his growing fame, Finger Pog tried out his gnome disguise (while hiding behind a giant duck):

And after all that, he felt the need to chill out.  Meet Rasta Pog:

Thank you to the lovely friends and sisters who have helped with Pog sightings (and proved that I am not the only fruit loop around!).  To lovely US friend – please be careful – I don’t want to lose you in a snow drift while you take Finger Pog pictures!


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