Tea Cups and Candles (and a hell of a mess)

There is wax everywhere.  Down the side of the oven, welded to the floor, liberally coating the back of an armchair…  The mess can only really equate to one thing.  Yes, there has been creativeness occurring at Pog Towers.

It all started with the Pog Mum waving an article at me saying’ I thought you might like to try this’ followed by a dose of charity shop scavenging, a

sprinkling of internet shopping and the arrival of a box of wax.  Quite a big box of wax.  Big in comparison to Pog Towers – the smallest house in the world which also contains minimal cupboards.  Nestled with the wax, wicks, dye and scent were the instructions which, much to my amazement I read before embarking on my afternoon of creativity.  Which is a good thing as I needed 2 saucepans and I only own one. 

Finally ready, I started working out quantities.  The instructions were incredibly easy to follow.  Unfortunately my ability to ‘do numbers’ is appalling and the result was quite a lot of chaos, a couple of terrified cats (who still smell of vanilla) and a discovery that melted wax gets you a lovely shine on your hob.  This was the other result:

Ta da!

I’m rather pleased with it :o)

Ta da! Ta da!

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