The Final Demise of Fag Ash Pog

Hooray me! 

A year ago today I had my last cigarette.  Having smoked a silly amount (over 40 a day) for a silly number of years (I don’t actually want to admit how many) and having developed annual pneumonia, a terribly attractive hacking cough and a wheeze that could be heard in the next village when the wind was blowing the right way, it felt like a good idea.  (As you can probably tell, it wasn’t really an option!)

A little Pog party!

I wont go on as there is nothing worse than an ex smoker bleating about the evils of smoking, but if you are considering giving up, I’ll leave you with one thought.  Every week for the last year I have given my dad the money I would have spent on cigarettes.  It paid for a 2 week holiday on the most gorgeous Greek island (plus spending money) last year and I have already saved enough for this years holiday!

So last year was the-year-of-giving-up-smoking.  This year is the-year-of-losing-the-weight-put-on-by-replacing-cigarettes-with-cookies. 

Just for today though, feel free to have a cookie or a bar of chocolate or something containing fatness to celebrate with me.  The un-fatness plan can continue tomorrow :o)

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12 Responses to The Final Demise of Fag Ash Pog

  1. Reg says:

    Well done.

  2. Ems says:

    A whole year – WELL DONE!
    I had my bar of chocolate earlier while I was waiting for my flat tyre to be replaced…..hmmm not happy! Finally got home with the kids just before their bed time and am now very tired!
    Off to Kenya on Saturday though so lots to look forward to. Will be down at Half Term hopefully so look forward to catching up then and having one of your famous cookies!
    Well done again – you’re a star x

    • thepogblog says:

      Thanks Ems…slightly stunned that I have managed it :o)
      How annoying to have a flat tyre. I had a poorly headligt and a leaky thing today so between us we’ve done the three going wrong things. SOunds like you really deserved the chocolate!
      Have an AMAZING time in Kenya. I can’t wait to hear all about it (let me know when half term is though…those of us with just cats have no idea about these things!). Cookies will, of course, be supplied…
      Look after you hun :o)x

  3. Jeanne says:

    Congrats to you!!!!

  4. Simon R says:

    Pogtastic – well done indeed!

  5. Biker's friends' Mummy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS . You have done so well we are very proud of you. A really amazing achievement Pog.

  6. tom w says:

    Very impressive! I’ve quit for 4 months now so can fully understand what you went through!

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