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Christmas and coldness and frost bites

I have snow (on the blog.  Not in Beachville.  And actually, the snow is only on some formats – possibly just desktops, but you know.  Snow is snow, and I kind of have some, somewhere).  And that must mean it’s … Continue reading

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I’m feeling a bit discombobulated.  It doesn’t feel Christmassy right down to the weather (- I saw a butterfly and two primroses in the garden today) yet tomorrow is my last working day of the year.  I keep starting to tell people I am … Continue reading

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Christmas round up and some naughty finger puppets

Just before Christmas is completely over, I thought I’d do a quick Christmas roundup. I had a lovely Christmas Eve with Gorgeous Godson and his big brother.  We put out a drink for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph … Continue reading

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Pog pictures – week 1

I love looking at other people’s photo-a-day type projects, so I thought I’d snaffle the idea.  I’m not sure it will be very interesting as there is a danger 90% of these will end up being work, Norman or crochet … Continue reading

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Bits of Christmas

It’s way too late for a Christmas post, but I thought as I only went back to work yesterday (and my brain is pretty convinced it is still on holiday) it would be ok to write a couple of highlights.  … Continue reading

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Lovely Little People

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages, but it seems appropriate now.  It’s little people based, and little people kind of make Christmas, don’t they? This is my colleagues daughter: She had one of the owl hats I … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas, you lovely people! I was going to write a proper post but I’m out of time…I’m due at Sister 1’s for nibbles and a drink in 20 minutes and I’ve still not finished wrapping or delivering (although I … Continue reading

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