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Christmas was the time for….

For me, Christmas turned out to be the time for…. ….discovering that playing the game that involved moving a chocolate from your forehead to mouth with no hands mostly involves a lot of laughing, a chocolatey face: and quite a … Continue reading

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Christmas excitement

In a complete departure from every run up to Christmas I’ve had in a long time, this one has been about alot of snowmen and snow ladies: A rather young looking Father Christmas: The making of a hat for Barnaby … Continue reading

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Christmas and coldness and frost bites

I have snow (on the blog.  Not in Beachville.  And actually, the snow is only on some formats – possibly just desktops, but you know.  Snow is snow, and I kind of have some, somewhere).  And that must mean it’s … Continue reading

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I’m feeling a bit discombobulated.  It doesn’t feel Christmassy right down to the weather (- I saw a butterfly and two primroses in the garden today) yet tomorrow is my last working day of the year.  I keep starting to tell people I am … Continue reading

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Christmas round up and some naughty finger puppets

Just before Christmas is completely over, I thought I’d do a quick Christmas roundup. I had a lovely Christmas Eve with Gorgeous Godson and his big brother.  We put out a drink for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph … Continue reading

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Pog pictures – week 1

I love looking at other people’s photo-a-day type projects, so I thought I’d snaffle the idea.  I’m not sure it will be very interesting as there is a danger 90% of these will end up being work, Norman or crochet … Continue reading

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Bits of Christmas

It’s way too late for a Christmas post, but I thought as I only went back to work yesterday (and my brain is pretty convinced it is still on holiday) it would be ok to write a couple of highlights.  … Continue reading

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