I’m feeling a bit discombobulated.  It doesn’t feel Christmassy right down to the weather (- I saw a butterfly and two primroses in the garden today) yet tomorrow is my last working day of the year.  I keep starting to tell people I am going commando, but I’ve been informed I actually mean that I’m ‘demob happy’.  I’m sticking to ‘discombobulated’ to save any confusion.

My brain has clearly decided it’s had enough now.  I’ve forgotten what all acronyms mean – which is a problem as where I work, every second word is an acronym, and I’ve got to the ‘that’ll have to wait until next year now’ stage.   I also just managed to misread an email from a missing animal organisation and spent quite sometime wondering 1) how anyone manages to lose a fish and 2) why they would call it Amanda.  (It turns out Amanda is actually a very pretty grey cat.  I’ve no idea why any part of my brain thought she was a fish).

Maybe once I shut down my laptop tomorrow everything will become sparkly and lovely and I’ll start humming carols.  And all my Christmas shopping which I’ve usually finished around July time will be delivered to me by elves who have had more inspiration than I seem to have managed this year.

I’ll leave you with my best smile of the week.  On Sunday I laughed loudly while standing next to Little Pea.  He looked at me reproachfully and said  ‘Auntie Pog, you scared my ears!’  That’s the most perfect description I’ve heard in a while :o)




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