Lovely Little People

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages, but it seems appropriate now.  It’s little people based, and little people kind of make Christmas, don’t they?

This is my colleagues daughter:


She had one of the owl hats I crocheted and to start with was unsure about its purpose.  As a result, she preferred talking to it and putting it to bed, rather than wearing it, but apparently once outside exclaimed ‘Oh hat!’ It is now loved…inside and out.  Preferably worn backwards…

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend the evening babysitting Gorgeous Godson.  We had a Pirate Pizza Picnic.


‘Elephant wont eat the pizza – he’s a toy’

‘Oh, I think he will.’  And he did you know.


Best moment:  When Gorgeous Godson bit his tongue and didn’t panic that mum and dad weren’t there.  Instead he let me cuddle him, tell his tongue off for getting in the way and moved from crying to laughing in seconds.

And then there is Little Pea, who has an array of Christmas jumpers (his mummy IS the Christmas fairy and has been preparing for Christmas since about February).  Isn’t he gorgeous?!



And just so he is not left out, here is the Pog version of a  little person:  Norman, who has decided that he doesn’t like his bed, or the hand made crocheted blanket I made him, or the early gift of a lovely enclosed bed.  No, Norman has taken to emptying my wool bag and turning that into a bed:


He’s not that different to a little person under all that fur.

I don’t know if I will be blogging again before Christmas.  There are five presents on my list that are currently just balls of wool so it could be a crochet marathon between now and then… If not, have a fantastic Christmas, all of you! :o)

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4 Responses to Lovely Little People

  1. Little people and smiley people are essential ingredients for a magical christmas. I love our snowflake and yes, I would love to meet for coffee. I assume you still eat cake? xx

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    Very cute. Good luck crocheting.

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