Christmas and coldness and frost bites

I have snow (on the blog.  Not in Beachville.  And actually, the snow is only on some formats – possibly just desktops, but you know.  Snow is snow, and I kind of have some, somewhere).  And that must mean it’s winter and therefore people can’t get too shouty when you mention the c word.

So he are a couple of Christmassy photos for you:

It turns out in Beachville, Santa has impressive transportation:

(And it was actually magically too, because the Small Boy I was with and I only looked away for a short while and the bus has disappeared and been replaced with the more usual 5A.  The Small Boy was suitably impressed).

And I was incredibly impressed by this gentleman’s seasonal efforts.  The photo does not to it justice as, as well as baubles, his beard had lights.  That flashed.  Frankly, this is the only way to dress up a beard to make it acceptable :o)

And not even slightly festive, other than the fact I got really cold, I went to my second ever football match:

I have informed Himself that I think I will opt out until warmer weather happens, although this Small Boy / seagull did make me laugh quite a lot:

It wasn’t just the very serious football information he provided me with (‘We’re pretty much guaranteed to score at least one goal because their defense is just terrible’ and ‘Oh. Well.  This referee doesn’t know what a foul is’), but the other random information and questions too, such as showing me a little lump on his hand and asking ‘Is that lump frostbite?  Because frost bites look a bit like mosquito bites don’t they?’

Happily I could confirm that it wasn’t frostbite.  And I discovered that when you’re kept smiling, you might get cold, but you don’t get frostbite.  Or frost bites :o)

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