From wtf to wow

I have a ‘wtf’ folder in my work email filing system.  It’s to put those things that just have no relevance or connection to anything, yet someone somewhere thought I was the right person to email.  The folder achieves nothing, other than literally (virtually?) filing away my wtf-ness on the topic.

Sometimes I think there should be a way to file life experiences that cause the same reaction.  Today for example, I was told that someone would be coming to look around the house at 11am.  I tidied and made things a bit more presentable (the house and myself) and at 11.15am called to find out where the individual was.  ‘Oh, she cancelled’ said the person on the end of the phone. ‘We did call to tell you’.  I informed her that as I was sitting next to my mobile and had been all morning, I could be pretty sure nobody had called.  ‘Could you hold?’ she asked before coming back laughing to explain that ‘there was a lot of confusion.  You and the person coming to your house have the same name, so when she called to cancel, we thought we had called you.’  Not only did she make no sense but I had tidied and presented for no reason.  Grrr.  I mentally filed it in that wtf place and got on with work.

And my day promptly got better.  I saw the postman walk towards the house, holding a small parcel and laughing.  Because, as it turns out, the parcel was addressed to me using Sister 2’s preferred naming convention:

And in the parcel?  These amazing penguins:

And because I got all jealous over Little Wisps PJs the other day:

(Well, who wouldn’t?)

Sister 2 had sent me the closest she could find:

Oh. Wow. I love them.  They are never coming off.  :o)

(I think the moral of this story is that you should throw things in the wtf folder so you can get on with the fun, smiley stuff.  And having a Little Wisp and a Sister 2 also helps a lot too.)  :o)

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