ooh la la-ness in ooh la la land

When you go to Paris for a long weekend to meet the family of Himself (all there for a birthday) and take a walk down the Seine, just the two of you, it’s best not to meet the family for lunch afterwards and start the conversation with ‘a funny thing just happened with this ring’.  Because all sort of the wrong conclusions will be jumped to, never mind the fact that it’s clearly a man’s wedding ring sitting in your palm.

So this isn’t that sort of story but it is a story about that ring…

Because there we were, wandering down the side of the River Seine towards the Eiffel Tower (I know:  Romantic.  We did kind of spoil that by alternating between hopscotch and running races, but fun is far more…well, fun.) Anyway, I saw a lady pick something up from the leaves on the pavement and glanced over.  It was that ring.  She looked at me, and I said something about how she should take it to the police station in case someone was looking for it.  She put it into my hand saying that she couldn’t as she had no papers and started to walk off.  Then she came back and asked for some money for a coffee for good luck.  Himself gave her 5 euros.  She asked for more.  I said she could have the ring back instead, thinking it was a scam.  She said no and just walked away.  We spent a while looking for anyone watching us, assuming that it was a scam to find out where our cash was and we were about to be mugged, but nothing.  We kept our eyes open for pickpockets, but still nothing.  In fact, we just seemed to have acquired a very small man’s gold ring, complete with hallmark.

So should you know anyone who lost their wedding ring by the side of the Seine in the last week or so, tell them to give me a shout.  There is something a little different about the ring, that the owner will know about.  We found it right by this bridge:

Which, when you go up here:

Can be found about here (only the other side of the bridge.  That did almost work though!):

And just to balance the slightly touristy pictures, here is a lady dressed head to toe in green:

And here is some cow wallpaper:

I rather liked ooh la la land :o)



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