Accidental exhibitionism

You know when you decide to go for a run first thing to deliver an important letter by hand because it will get there faster, only it’s dark so you borrow a fluorescent running top from Himself’s drawer?

And you know how you get a few funny looks but assume it’s because even though you’ve been running for over a year now you still seem to channel a cross between a three legged donkey and Pheobe from friends?

And how when you finally reach the office you’re aiming for, someone is just opening up, so you hand them the (slightly sweaty) envelope and realise they are smirking at you, even though you stopped running?

And when they have gone inside you look in the direction of their smirking and realise you are moedlling the top inside out with big, oversized flappy labels flapping in a very obvious, funny look inducing way?

But you decide that it’s still quite dark and the road isn’t too busy so you whip off the top to turn it the right way round so that the flappy labels don’t flap as you run back along the side of a busy road as it gets light?

And at the exact moment you are standing at the side of the road, with only a sports bra,  leggings and clear evidence of your love of cake on show, the lady with your envelope turns all the office lights on, lighting you up like some demented mannequin left on the pavement, just as a double decker bus full of people drives past?



(I didn’t :o), but I bet some people laughed… :o)  )

I thought this was quite pretty. Unlike the scene at the side of the road in Beachville this morning :o/

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