Advent calendar makingness

I have been sadly lacking on the makingness front recently.  There doesn’t seem to be as much time for it these days, but a rather fantabulous opportunity came up recently.

I can just about handle myself around small people, but the teeny amount I know is mostly Little Pea sized and very limited around Little Wisp sizing.  Any small person over four and I don’t really know what’s cool, what’s not, or, well, anything.  Which makes things a bit tricky as Himself has two boys who are both quite a bit older than my four year old nephew.  And they are lovely but I don’t really have a clue.  I heard a while back that you could get a ‘Match Attax’ advent calendar.  I know both the boys love these football cards so I thought they would be appreciated.  Then I discovered that they were £22 each (!) and not all the reviews were good.  But surely I could make something along the same lines?

So on Saturday, as it was soggy and cold outside, Himself and I poured ourselves a glass of wine and made a rather unique, large calendar for the boys:

We popped googly eyes onto small bags (because as Sister 1 will tell you, Googly eyes can make anything look better), numbered them and in all odd numbers we put some sweets, all even numbers we put a pack of Match Attax.

We pegged the pairs of bags together (one boy will have spots, one stripes.  Each day they’ll both get a bag), and we’ll peg them all to a long piece of string that will be tied up in their house.

Hopefully I’ve come up with a makingness that will make these bigger boys smile :o)

(If you want to do something similar, the bags and eyes are from Amazon – you can get the tiny pegs there too – then you just need some string and your choice of fillers.  There are cheaper options for Advent calendars, but this worked out significantly less than two Match Attax calendars – which apparently don’t contain proper packs of cards if the reviews are correct.  And it’s ALOT less than the whisky advent calendar I saw advertised at…£145!)

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