No trainers needed – part 2

We’ve discussed before that a lot of the enjoyment I get from running is in the finishing.  Actually, most of it is.  Which means that I frequently have arguments with myself when I lie in bed – especially now it’s getting colder and darker which go something like this:

‘Get up and go for a run’

‘Or have an extra hour in this lovely cosy bed’

‘You’ll love it once you’re out’

‘You wont.  You’ll mostly daydream about getting home while you wheeze and sweat and people laugh at you’

‘You can have more cake…’

We’ve discussed the cake element before too, and yet again it was that which got me out of bed this morning.  And I’m glad it did.  My reward (and yours via photos, no trainers needed):

And from earlier in the week:

There’s lots of graffiti in Beachville – a lot of which I love and a lot of which I just look at thinking ‘but how?’  Like this one, which made me smile because of its cheekiness:

So, even when this is what greets me as I step outside the front door at the moment:

The finishing bit makes it all worth while.  Now I’m off to make some banana bread as a reward :o)


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