Another parcel and more smiles

I think I may have been born at the wrong time.  Social media is all very well and good, but the only thing better than sending a parcel is receiving one (I know it’s supposed to be the other way round, but let’s keep it real here), and I got another one!

This time it was Sister 1 and Little Pea who made me smile and the name on the parcel gave me and Mr Postie another giggle.  And the contents not only contained Little Pea’s first big boy school photo (so gorgeous, but maybe a bit too grown up?), but also a Christmas card that he designed. And wow, doesn’t he have taste?  Because I am 99% that the picture is three penguins in the snow.  And we all know penguins are one of Auntie Pog’s very favourite things :o)

AND, not quite a parcel, but I did receive another thing at the weekend from Himself.  My very first (in the last 10 year at least) real Christmas tree.  We tried to do a Christmassy selfie with it.  We gave up:

(Norman is completely discombobulated and just can’t understand why there is a tree inside the house.  So far he’s not done more than look at it in a disapproving tone of voice though, so we’re hopeful it might last until actual Christas :o) )



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