Christmas round up and some naughty finger puppets

Just before Christmas is completely over, I thought I’d do a quick Christmas roundup.

I had a lovely Christmas Eve with Gorgeous Godson and his big brother.  We put out a drink for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph and things were very smiley.


Then the news was broken that Mr Max, the Magical Elf (elf on the shelf) would be picked up by Father Christmas to go back to the North Pole that night.  Gorgeous Godson was pretty distraught at this turn of events…..


…but luckily Mr Max managed to cheer him up and things calmed down a little :o)

Before Christmas, I got really organised and made Little Pea a duffle coat.  I was really proud of it until I held it up against him to check the size on one of our ‘Little Pea and Me’ days.  It may fit him when he is about five.  In fact, it’s so big, it almost fits my Mum.


I moved rapidly from organised to panicked, realising I had to give him something else for Christmas.  Then a brilliant crocheter who I follow started posting patterns on her blog for animals of the alphabet – she was going to make a blanket with them.  I found another person had posted patterns for crocheted letters (thank goodness for the internet and talented people who share their patterns for free!) and set to work.  You have no idea how difficult it is to crochet a unicorn…  When I finished, Mum, Dad and Sister 2 suggested I make it into a wall hanging rather than a blanket, so I added an extra bit at the top, popped a piece of doweling through it and ta dah!:


Little Pea seemed quite impressed.  Well, he smiled lots and knew some of the animals, which was pretty good going.



On Boxing Day we went for a walk.  In our onsies.  I don’t know why.  It seemed like a good idea at the time though and demonstrates how my family don’t take themselves even a little bit seriously.



Even the sheep did a double take:


And the geese where slightly startled:


One of the Christmas jobs I gave myself a couple of years back was to make our crackers.  I thought this year I’d try something different and using a book, I crocheted finger puppets.  (If you ever try this, you’ll need a wooden spoon to jam the puppets into the cracker.  Along with a hat, joke and chocolate, it’s a bit of a squeeze).  My thought was that if people didn’t want their puppet, Little Pea could have them all to play with, so for once, the contents wouldn’t all get thrown in the bin.  You have no idea how long it takes to sew in a mermaids hair…


So it was all very wholesome…until a certain Sister 2 got hold of the finger puppets.  Then it went downhill rapidly.  Avert your eyes if you’re easily offended ;o)




Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and thank you for keeping me company here in blog land :o)


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