Christmas was the time for….

For me, Christmas turned out to be the time for….

….discovering that playing the game that involved moving a chocolate from your forehead to mouth with no hands mostly involves a lot of laughing, a chocolatey face: and quite a few entertaining photos:

…discoving what Little Pea was pretty sure were terra dactyl bones:

…Father Christmas graffiti:

…Night time ice skating at the bobbley place:

…the discovery that the scaffolding turning these lights into an instruction to ‘winkle’ had been removed, making this picture a lot less entertaining than planned:

….lots of happiness over the wish involving Our Towers:

….and the discovery that because we had delayed delivery of a new sofa (because we were meant to move into Our Towers way  before Christmas) the shop had sold it to someone else and informed Himself that ‘they would let him know when a new one was available but could give no indication of when that would be.’   I was unimpressed, and called them back to inform them of this. 12 hours later we had confirmation that our new sofa will be delivered to us at Our Towers the day we move in :o)

And now, a slightly less brave Pog is off to cook dinner for eight people. And tommorow night a three course meal for six. This was not part of my Christmas plans, although I do vaguely remember informing Himself that this was a good idea and that I might even enjoy it.  Damn that Christmas spirit :o)

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