Paintings and plates

I don’t think I’ve ever used this blog to recommend anything or anyone – it doesnt really fit with the aim of spreading smiles, but two people have sent smiles my way recently and I think you might be interested….so, first of all:

I won a raffle prize last year for a pet portrait.  Norman and I were so excited and the lovely artist was very patient with looking through around eleventy billion of my photos to identify one that would work. I finally managed to pick up the finished painting when I went back to Bumpkinsville just before Christmas, and Norman and I love it!

The talented lady is called Christine Stainer and you can see her website here.   She doesn’t just draw pets, but we think she is particularly good at black cats :o)

And over a year ago, I found an Aladdin’s cave of a  furniture shop a little way from Bumpkinsville.  When Himself and I realised we’d need some furniture for Our Towers we couldn’t find anything locally that could match the prices or quality so, we went back and filled a large car with a table, chairs and mirrors. We couldn’t quite fit everything in, so Mum and Dad picked up the last item before Christmas and called me to tell me that Guy – the owner – had also given them something extra to pass on to me.  Guy had remembered me between visits, and had also remembered me telling him and his Mum that I’d moved to Beachville, and had sent me this:

It’s the pier that I run down to on all my beach front runs in days gone by.

I’ve not told many people about his shop as no two items are the same and I love them all and don’t want anyone else to snaffle them, but after this act of such thoughtfulness, I feel I should let anyone in the Bumpkinsville area share the smiles there.  (Also, I admit I probably dont need any more furniture at the moment).  The shop is called Adpine Antiques.  This is the website and this is the Facebook page (Guy adds photos on Facebook quite a bit so you can get a taste of new stock).  If you go and visit though, could you just leave me a few of the over sized rusty flowers that he keeps in the garden section out the back?  :o)

Thank you to Christine, Guy and Guy’s Mum for all your talent and loveliness.  Both the paining, the plate and the furniture will be moving to their new home in just over a week :o)

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  1. Those eyes! Thank you for these lovely posts. I’ve been enjoying them 💞

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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