Slightly problematic packing

I’m not sure packing should take this long or be this chaotic, but maybe it’s just the Pog factor.

Items I’ve realised (so far) are somewhere in this lot:

  • All but two mugs.  We have removal men and deliveries of four different pieces of furniture, two needing assembly all on the same day (it seemed like a good idea at the time…) so I imagine much tea will be required.  We do have two huge pasta bowls still out though; I guess I could use those.
  • The kitchen scales. And I have no idea what the 150g of rice that is required for dinner should look like.
  • The hot water bottles. This house is freezing. I need one at all times. More jumpers it is then.
  • My wool.  Last night was my last ever on my own for the foreseeable future and I thought it would be nice to relax with a bit of crochet and crap tv like I used to at Pog Towers. I didn’t pack the finished bits of the project; just ALL my wool.
  • The toothpaste.

Items left to pack: 2877388392.  Our ghost must be unpacking when we aren’t looking as every time I walk into a room I find MORE stuff we’ve missed. And they are entirely separate to the ‘bits we have agreed we can’t pack until the night before’ which seems like an awful lot right now…

Items found from the move from Pog Towers that should have stayed there: The foamy bit of the letterbox (it’s that weird shaped thing on the table in the photo above). I have no explanation.

But none of it matters that much, because:

Now it’s time to get all the boxes out of the loft that I’ve not opened since moving here. I think space is about to become a bit of an issue…. roll on Thursday :o)

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