Happy Christmas to you!

Well, I think I may have turned onto Kistie Allsop overnight (I wish).  I started today with a bike ride  – ok, not quite how you picture the queen of crafting – but it was very country bumpkinsville-ish.  I saw lots of people out delivering presents and did much waving as a result, I stopped for a chat with Cycling Friend and got home to find that Santa’s elves had delivered me some lovely home made goodies.  What better way to start the day…

Naughty Norman

Then I got down to work.  I have made 125 cookies, most of a patchwork (which Norman seems to think is an early Christmas present), smackerals for tomorrow (because of course, Christmas day is the one day when you need additional smackerals) and I’ve just interrupted some rather frantic Pogimal making for an unexpected present to write this.  So much for being organised! 

It has been rather lovely though.  And while doing this I’ve watched the Muppet Christmas Carol and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, both for the first time ever as well as a variety or terrible Christmas based films…just because I could.

I’ll get back to it now.  And you have a lovely Christmas tomorrow people.  I hope you get all you wish for. :o)x

Our Country Bumpkinsville tree

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