Panic, Preparation and a lovely Present

Well, after the Christmas party finishing with a white van and a French bull dog and the resulting horizontal day (hangover – nothing more exciting), I had one more day off and managed long weekend of Christmas panic.  For some reason I’d worked out that I only had one week of work left (hooray!) but hadn’t worked out that meant there was only one week after that before Christmas.  Many people will confirm that numbers are not my strong point.

Anyway, I am pleased to report that I finished making 20 jars of jam at 2am on Saturday morning (this was not good as I started at 4pm on Friday night).  Still, people WILL love them as little token presents.

Saturday day time, Sister 1 and I went to buy decorations.  We decided a tree was out unless I hung it from the ceiling to Charlie and Norman-proof it.  A good idea but we couldn’t work out the logistics (I can’t even do the logistics of getting a weeks shopping in the fridge so it wasn’t too surprising).  In the end I decided to just go with forgetting the tree and hanging the decorations from the ceiling. 

Today has been cookie day.  I’ve made plain cookies for one who doesn’t eat chocolate, two batches that are wheat and gluten free for two allergy full friends and a batch of ginger and chocolate ones for someone who prefers them.  Then of course I have made the usual wheat, gluten and chocolate full ones, got through 12 packs of chocolate drops and almost 2 kilos of flour.  They are the ones I have to get to people this week.  Next week I think I have even more to make!

The best news for today though is that hit counter on my blog has just gone over 2000. An early Christmas present for me!  Every hit raises money for Crisis too though, don’t forget, so pass on the link, get clicking and hopefully everyone will be smiling by the time we get to Christmas :o)

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4 Responses to Panic, Preparation and a lovely Present

  1. Anna says:

    Love you millions xxxxxx

  2. Why Do I have to Sit on this meeting every day! says:

    While having the layers of my brain slowly stripped away by the same tedious stuff in a daily meeting I have; like a wave of monotony washing against the shore of my head! (See, I’m not in a good way), someone suggested “go and read the pogblog”, that will help.

    I think you might have to post something before my 10am every day!

    I still think it is a shame that I thought that those jam pots were cupcakes. I can give you a cupcake recipe? And I spent ages debating whether it was a good idea to stick little plastic eyes on cakes, but that they did look very cool.

    Thank you for saving me from slipping into oblivion. I think this meeting might be just about finished.

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