A Christmas party, a white van and a French bulldog

I am never drinking again.  I have had to stay horizontal on the sofa for the vast majority of the day – the annual reminder that there is a very good reason I hardly drink the rest of the year.

The work Christmas party was good fun.  There was large quantities of alcohol (which in retrospect should not have been mixed to quite the extent that I managed), mini burgers that allowed the spreading of ketchup over shoulders of friends (I’m so sorry Katie!) bad dancing, inappropriate removal of shoes that were too hurty to wear for long (it was those bloody stilts that I swore I’d not wear again last time I wore them) and lots of crying in corners, surreptitious kissing and quite a lot of falling over (none of those were me though- hooray!)

In the most surreal end to the party, having missed all buses and trains, I considered getting a taxi all the way from London to Bumpkinsville but the bouncers at the venue seemed concerned at the ‘easily over £100’ quotes I was getting and asked where I lived.  To cut a long story short, I ended up in a white van, sandwiched between two bouncers with a French bulldog (called Esme) on my lap.  I’m not proud that I put myself in a potentially daft situation, but these two blokes turned out to be true gentleman who were not only incredibly polite but who drove me right to my house, would accept no money at all and even waited to check that I got in ok before they drove away.  Esme was also very lovely and a great conversationalist.  There are some truly kind, selfless people out there.

So that is it for another year.  Thank God I took today off work.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to get off the sofa and and start feeling human again! :o)

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8 Responses to A Christmas party, a white van and a French bulldog

  1. Stupid Friend says:

    I really hope that Charlie and Norman were demanding food in their usual loving way at their usual loving time in the morning! mummy, mummy, mummy, lets lick her and bat her with our paws until she moves.

    Glad you had a fun night, but no mention in blog about Nenah, Salt, Pepa and Spinderella!

    • thepogblog says:

      My boys are well trained and they left me to sleep. Helped by the fact that I’d topped up their biscuits before I fell into bed. I may have had a bit to drink but I still plan for my lie-ins!

  2. Sarah King says:

    Helen – fab blog, in fact the first I have ever read ;o) You made my night – thank you sweetheart – photo was AWFUL – side profile is a bit scary. Will bump into you again soon – take care and much love. Thanks for the BIG SMILEs you created all night x x x

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