The Secret Baker update

When I was at primary school, I was very jealous of Emma.  Whenever Emma was poorly, her mum would take a z-bed (that’s what we called posh camp beds in the early 80’s) into their lounge with Emma’s duvet and pillow so she could watch tv while she got better.

Our mum had a slightly different view.  If we were poorly enough to miss school, we were too poorly to get up, so we stayed in bed (and in those days nobody had tvs in their bedroom).

This was a cunning plan as it ensured neither of my sisters or I ever attempted a sickie from school – it was just too boring!  And the ethos seems to have stayed with us – I don’t think any of us have ever taken a day off work sick unless we’ve not been able to stay upright and conscious (not that I’m suggesting Emma is any different – she has three small children now so I imagine even being sick at weekends is a no-no for her!)

The reason I’m telling you this though is that I got one of those stupid colds on Friday that made me hot and sweaty, feel like I’d eaten glass and made my nose run so much I considered inserting a tampon up each nostril.  That was probably more information than you needed.  Sorry about that.

With ‘just a cold’ though (this doesn’t even class as being ill in mum’s book) we have been well trained to get on with things.  So Saturday I cleaned, cooked the most un-cake Iike cake I have ever made and did some shopping.  Sunday I cut back most of my garden, re-sewed the hems on a shirt I’d forgotten to finish properly and made over 100 peanut butter cookies (I repeatedly washed my hands etc and made sure no germs could get into the cooking, before you think it…)

And the reason for the cookies was because I’d not done any secret baker-ing for July and I didn’t want to miss a month just for the sake of a cold.  I felt rubbish at 4.30am on Monday but thought by the time I got to the office and had woken up I might feel better.  I didn’t, but I got the best medicine possible….

I put out the cookies with my usual note (a slightly panicky one this time as it didn’t dawn on me until I was typing it that some people might be allergic to nuts and I didn’t want any cases of anaphylactic shock on my conscience) and went to my desk.  When it’s quiet I can just hear people talking in the kitchen from where I sit and I overheard something that went a bit like this:

Lady voice: ‘The baker person is back!’ (June’s secret baker-ing had been at the start of the month so there had been a big gap)

Man voice: ‘oooh…mumble mumble’

Lady voice:’ I wish I knew who it was so I could say thank you’

I don’t know who the lady was (there are a few hundred people on my floor) but she has already got her thanks to me…and made me feel smiley inside all day.  Even though I was still full of snot.  Had been the sort of person to take to my bed, I’d never have made the cookies or heard the conversation.  Maybe mum did know best after all :o)

cookiesPS:  I called the vet today about Daisy, the cat I mentioned in my last blog post.  Sadly, she was put down at the weekend :o(  I’ve arranged to take a card for her owner to the vets so that it can be passed on.

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  1. lynnbashforth says:

    That is such a cool idea! You’re just brilliant :-) Lxx

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