Storage issues, ginger cake and a whole lot of lights…

I may have mentioned a couple of times before that I live in the smallest house ever built.  This has caused a few issues this week as I’ve finally bought a new tv (Hooray! – now I don’t have to wait 45minutes for the picture to appear) and I went on a cross country expedition yesterday to collect the Christmas and Boxing Day vegetables for seven of us, enough picked cabbage to keep a small army going for a year, 2 fruit cakes and a ginger cake.

That may not sound like much but there was not enough room inside for the old tv and I’ve not had the time (or to be honest, the inclination) to take it to the tip.  So I shoved it in the boot of my car. Just.  When I picked up all the food the obvious solution was to leave all that in the car too (note: this is not advisable as leeks make your car stink).  All was going swimmingly until I had to take the car to the garage for its MOT this morning and realised that the mechanic wouldn’t be able to get to the back seat or the spare tyre.  So I managed to get the tv into the shed and left all the food in the lounge.  And that was my mistake.  To cut a long story short:

  • Apologising to the mechanic for your car smelling of leeks earns you weird looks
  • I can drive a car with no suspension on one side for some time without knowing it
  • The car failed the MOT
  • Norman can break through two sandwich bags and a carrier bag
  • Norman has a thing about ginger cake 

The upside is that I have had to ‘modify’ the cake slightly so that my dad (the intended recipient) is not quite so aware of the damage Norman has caused.  I can confirm that Norman has good taste though.  It’s delicious :o)

And here are some photos from yesterdays expeditions:

I think these neighbours may be in competition with each other...

Something in the garden at this house was playing christmas tunes at me in a slightly eerie way...

The deer in this one actually moved...

This one was rather pretty (in a rather bright, could do with sunglasses kind of way)

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