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A technology explosion

There has been a bit of a technology explosion around deepest, darkest Bumpkinsville. First, I decided it was high time I got some sort of device to use for the internet and the blog and various things, that wasn’t owned … Continue reading

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Revolutions and revelations

My Tesco trips have been revolutionised. Revolutionised I tell you! I know they have been around forever but ‘my’ Tesco has just introduced those scanning thingys  so you can scan as you shop and miss out on that really irritating … Continue reading

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The BlackBerry of Evil

I have turned into my mum.  Sadly, that doesn’t mean that I can now cook like a Masterchef contestant or knit like a demon.  No, it means I’m officially technologically challenged. I’ve fought against having a BlackBerry for work for … Continue reading

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