Revolutions and revelations

My Tesco trips have been revolutionised. Revolutionised I tell you!

I know they have been around forever but ‘my’ Tesco has just introduced those scanning thingys  so you can scan as you shop and miss out on that really irritating part involving toe tapping, tutting and working out if you’ll actually queue to pay for longer than it took to shop.

Normally I’d give it a good 6 months to a year before I attempted anything new related even vaguely to technology.  But today I had a bit of a revelation.  I had stored up a technical issue I was having with my computer so I could ask the boys I sit with in the office I hardly ever seem to get to these days.  The boys are like little brothers only a lot less irritating (– although if one of them laments the fact that since his birthday last week he is now ’closer to 30 than 20’ one more time, I may thump him –) and are geniuses at helping me get to grips with technology (well, where it’s possible.  Where it’s not, they just sort things for me.)  Anyway, today I announced my technical issue, talked them through the steps I’d been doing and…sorted it all on my own!  I was amazed.  I think they were too.

So when I got to Tesco tonight I decided I could use the scanning thingys.  I registered and wandered off with my basket and list and a little conversation in my head:

‘look at me…zap…all independent and technological….zap….I’m a clever bunny…zap…no more long queues…zap…look at those luddites in their big queue…zap…none of that for me…zap….oooh, two packs of muffins for £1…zap, zap…’

Then I went to pay and realised that actually you’re supposed to pack as you zap.  Otherwise all the time you may have saved is wasted as you wait for a lovely lady to find you some bags (because they aren’t in the zapping checkout because nobody is that stupid), then you have to stand there with your shopping at your feet looking like a bit of an idiot.  So not quite a revolution, but hey ho, at least I tried – and that is one and a half technological successes for the day.  The boys will be proud. Maybe :o)

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