Family Daftness

I wouldn’t say my family is one that plays practical jokes – we’ve never cling filmed the toilet or anything like that.  We do however, do daft things to entertain ourselves occasionally. 

My parents are keen gardeners and it always looks amazing and very tasteful.  Then Dad discovered some very un-tasteful plastic ducks in the 99p shop and bought one to move around the garden, primarily to wind up mum.  Then one didn’t seem enough so he bought another…and that turned up on my bird table a few weeks later…then on Sister 2’s dustbin…then my car…then…well, you get the picture.

Last night Sister 2 popped over to Pog Towers requesting the loan of my black pashmina and black jacket.  She was already dressed entirely in black.  It turned out that she and her ex had decided to play a joke on two of his friends.  They were watching The Woman in Black that night and thought Sister 2 could play the key role in the night. He’d opened his side gate and made sure that the curtains of his French windows were left open.  Sister 2 then drove over and waited for text confirmation that they were at a suitably scary part of the film.  She let herself into the back garden, stood motionless at the windows – all in black –  and waited. One of the boys apparently said that he thought he’d seen a face at the window but it must have been his imagination so he wasn’t going to look again.  At that point the other friend also looked up and Sister 2 did a scary scream with accompanying face….cue A LOT of screaming.

I really wish I’d thought to go and watch.  Sister 2’s ex thought the reactions were so funny that he couldn’t stand up for laughing.  Sister 2 was still finding it all very entertaining when she got back here.  And I’m sure the people who had the trick played on them will recover…eventually.

I must have had it all in the back of my head this morning.  I recieved a parcel and for a split second I thought someone had posted me an arm.


It’s ok though – I’d ordered it.  And it belongs to Little Pog who will be attending future PoggyW events with me as a model.


I just wanted you to know though, that daftness is a family trait and not limited just to me :o)

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