Grumpster Pog

This morning I let rip on facebook a little (the neighbours had not felt there was any issue with letting a small herd of children run riot, screaming and slamming doors until 1am – 3.5 hours before I had to get up) and one lovely person commented that they didn’t think it was possible for me to grump.  They were lovely….but wrong.  Confession time:

Last Friday I went out with some school friends for dinner.  We’d not met up as a group for about 20 years but for some reason I thought I’d be home early enough to spend some time with TTB.  It turns out that it’s quite tricky to catch up on two decades in a few hours and I didn’t text TTB til almost 11am.  Not surprisingly, his response to my ‘I guess it’s too late for you to come over’ was a rather terse ‘Yes.  I can’t be bothered.’  (He didn’t say ‘bothered’ though.  Use your imagination….)   On my drive home I grumped silently that he could at least have been nicer about it, grump, grump grump.  Then I pulled up outside the house and panicked that I was being burgled.  Admittedly they would have been stupid burglers – having all the lights on and the curtains open.  But no…TTB had arrived with wine and was supping it on the sofa.  By the time I arrived he’d supped the vast majority of it, but I felt bad for grumping…and chuffed that he’d do something so sweet.

That didn’t stop me grumping the next day though.  Sister 1 and I went for a Bumpkinsville wander and thought we’d treat ourselves to a lunch snackeral in a local tea room.  Sister 1 went for soup, I decided on scrambled egg and salmon on toast.  Half an hour later, having watched four people leave in disgust, most refusing to pay, our food arrived.  Sister 1 promptly scalded her mouth on soup hotter than the sun while mine was stone cold.  I took it back.  Was ignored.  Wasn’t brought anything else out so at the end of Sister 1’s bowl of molten lava I took the money for her food and our drinks to the owner and said I obviously wasn’t paying for what I hadn’t had.  Did she apologise?  No.  She informed me that smoked salmon was supposed to be cold.  I agreed.  But pointed out that as a rule both, scrambled egg and toast should be a few degrees above room temperature and that an apology of some sort would have been appreciated.  I left behind my views in their visitors book and a loud wish of goodluck to everyone still waiting for food.  I felt they needed it.

So you see?  If you don’t already know, I am a great grumper.  And if the neighbours keep me awake most of the night tonight they too may experience a Pog grump :o)

Note:  to be fair to me, I don’t usually grump that often…honest!

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