Feeding time at the zoo (Sunday lunch with my sisters)

Every Sunday for as long as I can remember, we’ve had a family Sunday lunch.  My sisters, me, and any hangers on that we acquire all troop up to mum and dads for a natter and dinner. 

At the moment mum and dad are away so yesterday we went for an all you can eat Chinese buffet as a slight alternative.

Now, I don’t know what it is with us and food, but we do not share.  If we order a plate of chips for example, we divide them into three straight away to go on our individual plates.  That’s ok, but you do not  tries to pinch one.  What I hadn’t realised is the effect an all you can eat buffet has on Sisters1 and 2. 

We got there just after opening and they practically charged to the buffet table…which, incidentally contained enough food to feed the five thousand.  Each time a table was taken a look of panic crossed their faces in a ‘what if they eat everything?’ way.  The result was bolting plates of food like none of us had eaten before…and all of us groaning in pain having eaten far, far too much. 

Swwt and sour chicken? Noodles? Duck pancake? All three together? Oh go on then…

There is another rule though – you always need to have pudding if it is available.  So we finished off with a totally unnecessary, not very Chinese orientated…Jelly and ice cream :o)

Cos you have to have a pudding!

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