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Random bits…

…because this week is turning out to be a bit random in many ways.  But there are smiles: My sisters are in competition over who can make my postman laugh the most: And: Inside the latter I got a lovely … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Floss

My sisters probably make me laugh more than anyone else in the world.  Yesterday, Sister 1 excelled herself. I’ve mentioned here before that every other Monday I pay her to provide ‘big house day’ (she cleans and Pog Towers seems … Continue reading

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Growing up in the 80’s

Sister 1 and I belong to a local facebook page for Mums (To explain – I joined when I had my business, and there’s a lot that isn’t children focused on there and I can’t bring myself to leave!).  Last … Continue reading

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My Lovely Sisters

I’m really lucky.  I have the most amazing sisters.  I’ve had a rubbish week, but 20 minutes in a car with one and 20 minutes on the phone to the other and I am a happy Pog again. I’ll give … Continue reading

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Another year older, another year wiser?

Yet another birthday snuck up on me at the weekend.  It was lovely, but I just wanted to show you four of the highlights (there were more but I don’t want to bore you…) My mum baked me the hugest … Continue reading

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Feeding time at the zoo (Sunday lunch with my sisters)

Every Sunday for as long as I can remember, we’ve had a family Sunday lunch.  My sisters, me, and any hangers on that we acquire all troop up to mum and dads for a natter and dinner.  At the moment … Continue reading

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Fairy tale facts…

I was worried on Saturday night that I had to get a taxi on my own.  I wasn’t worried about the actual taxi…more the fact that I was wearing a wig, wings a tutu and a 3 foot tail.  I … Continue reading

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