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A weekend of weirdness

What’s the weirdest birthday you’ve ever had?  I think mine was this one just gone – Friday in fact.  While I got to spend quite a bit of it with my family, that was because we were at my uncle’s … Continue reading

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A weekend of many boys

The weekend was due to be the weekend of many boys….but snow, freezing rain and multiple accidents on motorways meant I couldn’t get to Little Pea on Friday.  The weather wasn’t going to completely beat us though and I left … Continue reading

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Birthday planning

Yesterday was the birthday of Himself.  (That seems like the most arse about tit way of writing a sentence but at this stage on a Friday, I’m not sure what it would be.)  Anyway, I was most excited.  Himself had … Continue reading

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Remember the post about the terrible caterpillar birthday cake I made my mum? Sister 1 was particularly unimpressed.  She told me how she would have done it.  I told her she should make one as she clearly had a better … Continue reading

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Birthdays, parties and an utter failure of a cake

This time of year is full of Birthdays – full I tell you!  In the last week it has been Sister 1 and 2’s: Probably the least said, the better. Gorgeous Godson’s: It was all a bit too exciting for … Continue reading

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Pog pictures – week 9

Makingness, little people with and without fur and a random one. :o)

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Another year older, another year wiser?

Yet another birthday snuck up on me at the weekend.  It was lovely, but I just wanted to show you four of the highlights (there were more but I don’t want to bore you…) My mum baked me the hugest … Continue reading

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