Remember the post about the terrible caterpillar birthday cake I made my mum?


Sister 1 was particularly unimpressed.  She told me how she would have done it.  I told her she should make one as she clearly had a better grasp on caterpillars (or so to speak) than I did.  And she did.  Sister 1 made me THE most amazing Hungry Caterpillar birthday cake that really puts mine to shame:

cake 1

cake 2

And even better:  on my actual birthday, while I was at work she left me a bowl of her homemade chilli and a baked potato so I had a lovely birthday dinner.  She left them in the washing machine, demonstrating that she might be great at caterpillar cakes but not so great at thinking things through, but I had a very lovely birthday tea as a result of both.

And in a slightly separate story relating to bugs, I’ve had a lump on my chin since my travels in the Philippines.  Sometimes it comes up as a red lump nobody can miss and other times it just hides and feels a bit bumpy.  I’ve been to the doctor twice as sometimes it makes my face swell up.  Last time I went, I asked the doctor if it could be a small bug burrowed in there, perhaps a tiny mole? (I’ve read far to many of those ‘you wouldn’t believe it’ stories), but was told definitely not, and given a very strange look.  I’m still not convinced though, and on Sunday morning when I looked in the mirror as I cleaned my teeth I almost had a meltdown.  There were track marks across my chin where something had clearly been burrowing under my skin…

After a couple of minutes panicking (I had to wait for the toothbrush to tell me I’d finished – it really annoys me when I stop before the buzzer has told me my two minutes is complete) I had a proper look.  And then looked a bit harder.  It was like the bug was trying to tell me something…like it had spelled something out….’2.3’ to be exact, which sounded somewhat familiar.

It was familiar because on Saturday I’d gone shopping for fabric for my next upholstery project.  I’d written the amount of material I needed on my hand: 2.3 meters. I’d obviously slept in something bordering on the recovery position and transferred the ink from my hand to my chin.  So, happily the only bugs in this post are terrible and an amazing caterpillar cake.  Although I’ve still not actually proved there isn’t a small mole living in my chin.  We’ll gloss over that for now though…. :o)

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  1. notewords says:

    I prefer yours – chocolate and stars can’t be wrong. ;-)

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