Thank you, Friday 13th

*It’s probably best not to read this if you’re eating, about to eat, have just eaten, intend to ever eat again, or are feeling a bit delicate*

I didn’t realise it was Friday 13th until 6.15 am this morning.

At 5.30am I woke up to hear Norman Cat retching.  Anyone who is owned by a cat will know that this sound can wake you from the deepest sleep, and it certainly had.  I looked around for Norman, saw him on the top of the wardrobe, on top of one of his favourite boxes, and flew out of bed.

My goal was to get him out the backdoor before he actually threw up.  I failed.  Although, before my sleepy brain registered that I’d failed, he’d jumped off the wardrobe and I thought it best to check that he’d not been sick on the box that he’d been retching over.  I flipped the lid off towards me and….covered myself and the carpet in cat sick.

The crime scene

The crime scene

So that was how my morning started.  I changed, cleaned the carpet and finally went to disinfect my hands 45 minutes later to discover a lump of dried cat sick on my face.  I don’t think mornings can really get much worse.  But based on the fact that they really can’t, tomorrow has to be better :o)

The innocent looking Norman Cat

The innocent looking Norman Cat

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7 Responses to Thank you, Friday 13th

  1. Heidi says:

    Thank goodness for you. 😁 x

  2. notewords says:

    Okay – there is something worse than stepping into cat sick first thing in the morning. I feel so much better now… ;-)

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