Birthdays, parties and an utter failure of a cake

This time of year is full of Birthdays – full I tell you!  In the last week it has been Sister 1 and 2’s:


Probably the least said, the better.

Gorgeous Godson’s:


It was all a bit too exciting for him….

I was invited to Gorgeous Godson’s party. A hall full of small children is not my idea of a  perfect Sunday morning, but I got involved and discovered that, as a team leader (get me!) I am ridiculously competitive.  I think I was more vocal on an unclear rule change than my team of little people were when it looked like victory may be snatched from our hands.  I’m pleased to report that it all went very smoothly though, and the only injury was mine when a hula hoop (the twirly round your tummy version, rather than the crisp variety) collided with my face, giving me a fat lip and a bitten tongue.  The very best bit was the posters that Gorgeous Godson’s big brother had made.  Take a look at these:



And finally, it was  Mum’s birthday too:


Now one of the birthday memories I will always have is that when I was six, my Mum made me a fairy castle cake.  It was amazing – a mass of sponge and ice cream cones covered in icing and little flowers and silver balls all over it.  That in itself would have been impressive, but what I didn’t appreciate until years later was the fact that Mum had been out of hospital for about a week when she made it….having given birth to twins.  Who she was breast feeding.  She must have been utterly exhausted.

So, this year, I thought I’d return the favour and attempt a novelty cake of my own.  I should have known that it would work brilliantly in my head, but not so brilliantly in practice.  There was more butter icing keeping it together than there was cake.  Four batches, in fact.

I give you, (TA DAH!) Caterpillar cake:


Complete with his friends, the butterflies:


My Sisters said it looked like a chocolate log with a face.  Mum told me how you’re actually supposed to make a swiss roll (apparently the clue is in the name: swiss roll rather than swiss fold and break the sponge into bits).  I decided that novelty cakes are best left to mum’s.  It was certainly no fairy castle.  But it’s the thought that counts. Right?  :o)

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