Birthday planning

Yesterday was the birthday of Himself.  (That seems like the most arse about tit way of writing a sentence but at this stage on a Friday, I’m not sure what it would be.)  Anyway, I was most excited.  Himself had expressed more than a passing interest in flying a plane, so I organised a flying lesson on his birthday and started obsessively checking the weather forecast for the day on multiple apps.  We both took the day off work, I planned the day, I even made a birthday cake in secret with the help of Sister 2 and Facebook Messaging (thank you Sister 2 :o) ).

Despite torrential rain on Wednesday, yesterday started dry and if not blue skies, then at least not black ones.  I was hopeful.  Himself opened his pass the parcel style present with a clue at each layer and was reading the instruction booklet wearing the Biggles Hat and glasses when I phoned the flying school at the time they’s suggested.  A gale was on it’s way in.  It was cancelled :(

All my planning out the window, we had birthday cake for breakfast and then decided on a different day out.  That wasn’t quite what we planned either, but  you know, it’s not often you get to be a knight:

A queen:

Or a pair of knights…

The cakes wasn’t too bad ether.  Four pieces though, may have been a little excessive.  But it was practice for the cakeathon.  Just without the running part :o)

And the flying is booked in for next weekend.  Please cross fingers for a dry, still day :o)

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