My Lovely Sisters

I’m really lucky.  I have the most amazing sisters.  I’ve had a rubbish week, but 20 minutes in a car with one and 20 minutes on the phone to the other and I am a happy Pog again.

I’ll give you a couple of examples of their loveliness (daftness? ) this week:

Me (still slightly panicked): I had a dream last night that we were stuck in an apocalypse and I didn’t know if we should take Norman cat with us or leave him as it might be safer where we were and then I couldn’t find a bag to put him in and…

Sister 2 (completely calm and serious): Don’t worry.  If we are ever stuck in an apocalypse, we will definitely find a bag and take Norman cat with us.

And somehow that made all the panic go away.  :o)

The same day we were in my car and I’d noticed a warning light flashing on the dashboard.  For some reason car warning lights terrify me and I get all hot and sweaty.  I tried to work out what it was before giving up and spluttering:

‘There’s a red warning light on and I don’t know what it is and do you think the car might be about to go really wrong?’

Sister 2 took one look at said warning light and informed me that I was driving with the hand break on.  Ok, a little embarrassing, but still a :o)

And Sister 1 has managed to turn something I hate into something I am quite fond of.  Where I have damaged my hair I have one small bald patch (we’re almost at comb over stage on that though, so that’s good) and one larger, long stripe.  I was feeling a bit sad about my ‘big bald patch’ and Sister 1 told me it is not a ‘bald’ stripe; it is a ‘go faster’ stripe.  And who wouldn’t want one of those?  I’m almost (but not quite, I admit) proud of it now :o)

Sister 1 also produced Little Pea who I got to spend lots of time with last weekend.  So for your amusement, here is me, my go faster stripe (hidden from the camera, but there) and the very gorgeous, Little Pea.

Me and Pea
Me and Pea

Thank you Sister 1 and Sister 2.  You’re the bestest, daftest Sisters for always making me smile :o)

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