The grand opening of the West Wing

For the last five days, utter chaos has reigned at Pog Towers.

I’ve mentioned before (possibly a couple of times) that I live in the teeniest house in the world.  Perhaps I’ve not explained it properly though, as a few people have been a bit surprised when I explained the set up to them.  So, just so we all understand, Pog Towers is a terraced bungalow.  You come in the front door to the lounge and kitchen (one room), go through to my bedroom (passing my bathroom as you do) and step out onto the garden from there.  Only now you don’t.  Now you step out onto the West Wing!  Yes, I now have FOUR rooms! (And do you now see why I keep calling it the teeniest house in the world?)

On Monday morning, the back of my house looked like this:

Well, Id taken up the rest of the patio, but this is roughly what it looked like

Well, I’d taken up the rest of the patio, but this is roughly what it looked like

con 1

And now it looks like this:

con 3

con 2

Yes, I have a conservatory which, when decorated, will be my room to work on, sew in, and when the evil children from next door are playing at 2am in the room that shares a wall with my bedroom, it will be to sleep in too :o)

It hasn’t all gone to plan (you didn’t think it would did you?)

  • The builders had to adapt their barrows to wheel the garden out and the concrete in as normal size barrows wouldn’t fit through the house
  • They then discovered they couldn’t actually get the framework of the conservatory through the house  so they had to climb ladders on either side and pass it over (I am very glad I wasn’t around that day)
  • Norman cat has not enjoyed the intrusion and refused to come anywhere near the house until everyone else had left (resulting in slightly panicky feelings from me when I’ve not been able to find him)
  • Norman cat is not happy with his new cat flap.  Last night I was woken up to meowing four times as he’d gone out his normal cat flap and had a panic when he’d ended up in a room he wasn’t expecting requiring use of another cat flap.  Training with ham at 2am isn’t my idea of fun, but at least I got a bit of an insight into having a Little Pea (Sister 1, I am fully aware that Little Pea is a little more demanding when he keeps you awake at night, so sorry about that comparison, but it is the closest I’ll get!)
  • It turns out it’s best not to request that a carpet man comes to measure up before the walls are actually finished (well, I got all excited!) but happily that was worked around too.

I have a funny feeling that once it’s all done, Norman cat will view the West Wing as his personal oversized cat basket.  And it’s his birthday tomorrow so I guess that will reinforce the point…

So this bank holiday weekend I will be painting the brickwork and deciding on carpets.  Well actually, I’ll be doing that tonight.  As one of my managers said the other day, you just have to ‘get sh*t done’ and that’s what I am going to do.  With a glass of wine in my hand in celebration. :o)

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