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A litter tray shaped oops

On Sunday I leave Pog Towers for good – the house is (finally) nearly sold. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, I’ve chosen to break the chain, so I wont be moving into my new house just yet.  Hopefully that’s only … Continue reading

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Steroids, towers and boxes. Your average week.

‘This week is on steroids’ announced Himself on Tuesday. This is because after waiting forever, a date was finally agreed on Monday for me to move out of Pog Towers and the new owner to move in. Because things are … Continue reading

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Don’t mind the gaps

This time last year I said I didn’t think there would be time for resolutions. It turns out leaving some gaps was a good plan. I’ve done the usual pog things – crocheted, baked (mostly badly), yoga-ed, spent lots of … Continue reading

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Return of the happy pants

My happy pants went on again today with real intent. Here is a brief background: My house went under offer a few weeks ago I’d already had my offer accepted on what was to be Pog Towers 2 I started … Continue reading

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Hotness and firemen

It’s hot.  I like hot weather.  It’s just not quite so fun when you work from home and sit in a conservatory to do so.  Usually I would move into a cooler part of the house in the middle of … Continue reading

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Pog Towers 2?

You know how a while back I went out just to look at some furniture and came home having bought a wardrobe a third of the size of the one I already had?  Well, I’ve kind of done it again. … Continue reading

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Neighbours and pants

I love Pog Towers – it’s just the right size for me and Norman Cat.  We just aren’t too keen on the neighbours. We have quite bad neighbour issues on one side of noise, children picking my flowers, their rubbish in my garden…  I could … Continue reading

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