A litter tray shaped oops

On Sunday I leave Pog Towers for good – the house is (finally) nearly sold.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, I’ve chosen to break the chain, so I wont be moving into my new house just yet.  Hopefully that’s only a couple of months away, but in the meantime, Norman and I will be moving in with my parents.  For the record, I will be paying rent – not a lot, but I’m not completely freeloading here.  Although I think I should probably be paying twice the market rate as I have a feeling that their kindness is about to be repaid with a level of chaos they haven’t experienced for a while…

In preparation for the move, I bought Norman a cat litter box.  I got him a fancy one with a door and a roof as I thought he might feel a bit shy about doing his business inside.  I should have learned about buying these things on line when I bought what turned out to be the worlds tallest scratching post (it comes up to my bra strap, and I’m not short).  The litter box arrived this week.  The good news is that the friend I have who was talking about buying a baby bath for her arrival in a few months no longer needs to.  This will do the job nicely.  Until the child is about five.  It turns out that the thing I bought is recommended for Maine Coon cats. (You know: One of the largest breed of domestic cats that average around three foot long).  I have NO idea where this thing is going to go – it’s already going to be a little snug in Mum and Dad’s house…

Of course, Norman wont go anywhere near the thing unless I put treats right by the door.  I can understand – it must look like some sort of wormhole that’s opened up in the lounge and there is a strong possibility that vicious creatures are waiting to pounce at the far end…

Still, there is an upside: if things don’t work out living with Mum and Dad, I can always move into the litter tray.  It’s practically big enough….  :o)

As close as we've managed so far...

As close as we’ve managed so far…

'I prefer this one'

‘I prefer this one’


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2 Responses to A litter tray shaped oops

  1. David says:

    Hope your move out goes well and you only have a short wait for your next move.x
    Bikers friends dad.

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